Tagging can be used in many ways on a variety of different social and networking media. It can categorise, sort, and create a sense of organisation on sites that have a large amount of content. Tags can be used on blogs so users can search for blog posts about certain topics, or they can be used for users to sort their own blog posts into groups (more specific than categories).





The video above is a piece created by me posted on my high schools youtube page with my permission. To place this on my blog i copied the embedded link in the ‘share’ option underneath the video on youtube. I then posted this link the text option of the post creation page.


RMIT’s “Copyright Quick Guide” provides information on what we can and cannot legalistically within our blogs.

It tells us that when writing blog posts its okay to use short quotes from other resources such as books, movies etc as long as the right referencing is used. Using a paragraph of another persons work requires permission.

If you want to use images throughout your blog posts, it is a good idea to refer to creative common sites (everystockphoto, compfight etc.) to outsource these. You must remember that just googling for images won’t alway bring you to creative common images.