Analytical Essay – Assessment 1

What can we do with online media? When hearing that question, it really makes my brain go in a million different directions. Endless possibilities, and all you need is a device and an internet connection. The easiest way to answer this, was to analyse and involve myself in the online world itself. Not watching from a distance, but getting my hands dirty and exploring. Discovering the endless possibilities of authoring, distributing and publishing involved in networked media. And ‘look(ing) at media as triggers for experiences and for making things happen.” (Gauntlett 2015 pg 7) The different apps and websites that could be used are endless, as are the devices we can access them on. Our need for these social media websites, and utility apps has slowly increased. And with this, the online media possibilities have grown alongside our dependency on them. As this need and want for them heightens, the more normal it becomes for us to be on them a lot of the time.




After analysing my online media use over a week, It has made me feel like my life is honestly quite boring and repetitive. Constantly in contact with the same apps, doing the same consumer actions day in, day out, multiple times a day. But it seems so natural to need these sort of apps in our lives. We use imessage and messenger to communicate with our family and friends, we use facebook to entertain ourselves and build our relationships with people we’re maybe not that close to. We see something interesting in the street, or we like the look of our food.. And we take a photo of it, posting to apps like snapchat or instagram. We don’t get looked at funny, people don’t laugh. I bet if I went out for lunch today and started taking photos of my meal, nobody would even turn there head. It might not be a good thing, but everyone is slowly being sucked it to the online world being, just the norm.