When writing my evidence blog post I realised I didn’t go into as much detail as I probably should have. Although the form was always clearly labelled, I didn’t further explain then why and how very much.

When comparing my posts to others I discovered that because I stated mine in list form, it was harder to put each online media use into context. My posts were less like a diary entry and more structural and matter of fact, rather than descriptive. I could’ve got further when talking about authoring, publishing, and distributing, which could be done in my assessment essay. If these were described further it could help when discussing the points made in my evaluation.

When assessing my evaluation blog post, I believe that I’ve slowly started to make arguments that could be further discussed in my essay. They were only briefly touched on, and definitely need further explanation with further evidence from outside sources. My essay could focus the point I made stating that online media has become so prominent in our lives that it becomes an extremely normal and easy part of day to day activities. Online media is something practical, useful, and its not unusual to be using it prominently throughout our day. When talking about this in my essay I could refer to other students blogs with similar online media use to me. I could also talk about web 2.0 in further detail and reference to other authors and professors with similar ideas and discoveries about online media use.


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