Over the span of one week a wide range of online media use was recorded. In dot point form, each website or app was firstly mentioned. These were then expanded on, with the how and why they were used.

Overall there were a few forms that were mentioned in almost every post in the week of documentation. There were also some that got mentioned on some days, but not others. The most commonly recorded included the social media platforms instagram, snapchat and facebook. On Thursday and Fridays posts, this use included authoring, publishing, distributing content. The other days of documentation, only consuming and small amounts of authoring and distribution was recorded. Tasks these included were; liking posts on instagram (two accounts) and on facebook, opening and viewing snapchats then taking timed photos and sending them to friends (authoring and distributing to specific people),  and tagging people on facebook posts (distributing already made content to friends). The use of messenger/imessage to communicate with other people was also a common thing mentioned throughout all posts. The other forms of online media that were used all came under more of a practical category. There were some websites/apps that were used for school purposes. These include; Googledrive, Gmail, and Blackboard. They were all used for common educational purposes, and were consumed rather than used for a authoring and distributing manner (to find readings, discover information about lectures). Transport related apps were also used on multiple days to help with the travel – this is obviously an important part of everyday life and are something very practical (parkhound, ptv,maps).  Other forms used to help get through everyday life were; deputy (used for work – consumer and publishing/distributing), weatherzone (discovering the weather – consumer based), Tidal (music streaming app – consumer based). In summary, it can be concluded that half of the online media use recorded was for entertainment and communication value, and the other half was used for a practical, helpful and constructive use.


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