• ParkHound – I used this website so I knew where to park when I drove to work – enter location then time (works out where, how much it costs, and how long you can stay there)

  • Maps – Used the maps iphone app to locate the freeway and how to get there from my location (needed the freway to get to work)
  • Scrolled through both private and main instagram accounts, liking posts –  used instagram app on iphone, posts that were liked were ones that I thought were visually appealing/posts from close friends/entertaining, acted as a consumer
  • Used imessage and facebook messenger to contact friends/family – Used imessage and facebook messenger on my laptop and iphone to communicate (author/distribute messages) with my friends and family without the day
  • Viewed and sent personal snapchats with friends – like above, I used the snapchat app on my iphone to open and view the snapchats my friends sent me about the day and of themselves and used my front and back camera to send photos and use the text option to send my replies
  • Scrolled through facebook newsfeed – used computer and iphone facebook app, liking and tagging my friends (distributing and consuming) the posts that interested me and I though would interest and relate to my friends
  • Gmail – Got a notification from my RMIT emails from one of my lecturers telling me my lecture would be online this week (just had to click on notification, which took me to the gmail app to read the email)
  • Used ”deputy” app – viewed who was currently on shift at work, then posted my time sheet (authored/publish) directly to my bosses

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