My Media Use Sunday The 27th Of March

  • Netflix – Used the Netflix app on Optus TV to watch movies for entertainment purposes
  • Blackboard and RMIT Library – Used the Blackboard website on the computer to find out what readings I had for my music industry class.  I then went onto the RMIT library website to use the search option to find the book I had to read (then selected the ebook to read online)

  • Scrolled through both private and main instagram accounts, liking posts –  used instagram app on iphone, posts that were liked were ones that I thought were visually appealing/posts from close friends/entertaining, acted as a consumer
  • Used imessage and facebook messenger to contact friends/family – Used imessage and facebook messenger on my laptop and iphone to communicate (author/distribute messages) with my friends and family without the day
  • Scrolled through facebook newsfeed – used computer and iphone facebook app, liking and tagging my friends (distributing and consuming) the posts that interested me and I though would interest and relate to my friends
  • Viewed and sent personal snapchats with friends – like above, I used the snapchat app on my iphone to open and view the snapchats my friends sent me about the day and of themselves and used my front and back camera to send photos and use the text option to send my replies
  • Weather Zone – Used the weather app on my iphone to see what the weather would be like for the rest of the week – this helps me plan ahead

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