Tagging can be used in many ways on a variety of different social and networking media. It can categorise, sort, and create a sense of organisation on sites that have a large amount of content. Tags can be used on blogs so users can search for blog posts about certain topics, or they can be used for users to sort their own blog posts into groups (more specific than categories).

Within my blog posts i have used tags to describe the specific content spoken about within it. For example, in my post titled “VIDEO ENTRY”i tagged ’embedding’, ‘videoposts’, and ‘youtube’. This could be helpful in future for blog users to view all posts that include videos, by using the ‘video’ tag.
Another useful tool can be used on your blog home page to easily access the different tags used throughout your posts. Widgets can be added with a ‘cloud’ of tags. When a specific word has been tagged often it appears larger than the others. (This can be viewed on my blogs home page on the right side bar).

Another example of another blog using tags a helpful resource is “The 20s Diary”. If you click on a post on the home page, such as “Are my standards too high”  and decide as a viewer, that you would like to read similar posts about relationships, you can scroll to the bottom of the blog post to view all “tags” the creator has selected. In this instance there is a tag specifically for ‘relationships’, and clicking on this link will take you to a page with blog posts all containing information/issues/topics about ‘relationships’.

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